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TRIFLA PRASH & TRIFLA CHURNA : For Acute Abdominal Disorders

This special preparation is composed of the well-known Ayurvedic Trifla along with many other wholesome ingredients. It is an unparalleled remedy for all abdominal disorders like constipation, acidity, chronic dysentery, dyspepsia, sprue etc. It is very useful in preventing cold, cough. Heart debility and liver weakness. It keeps the whole digestive system in balance by its cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties.



This specially formulated Ayurvedic massage oil is for balancing Vata & Kapha. It relaxes the muscles and leaves the skin smooth, soft & supple.


PAIN RELIEF : Massage Oil

This specially formulated Ayurvedic massage oil relaxes the muscles of the body, calms & soothes nerves and alleviates all pain and stress. It also improves skin texture & provides smoothness.


DIRGHA PRASH :     For growing children

his is a specially prepared Ayurvedic tonic for growing children. It increases and sharpens mental and physical health. It is excellent for students as it nourishes the brain.


YAUVAN PAAK : For vigour & virility

Composed of many strength-giving ingredients, this Ayurvedic preparation is a very powerful aphrodisiac, inspired by the Kama Sutra era. It rejuvenates and ignites the whole body with vigour and stamina. It also produces new energy and enhances fertility and sexual virility.


CHYAWAN PRASH : Rejuvenator

Chywan prash is the world famous scriptual preparation of Ayurved. It rejuvenates the whole body and mind. It balances the functions of Vata-Pitta and Kapha. It is renowned tonic for the whole family.


KAMINI KALP : Nature's boon to women

This Ayurvedic health tonic for women is a wholesome energizing preparation. It is calming, soothing for the nerves and alleviates stress. It helps in preventing leucorrhea, hysteria and dysmenorrhoea. It is safe for pregnancy and post-partum. It is useful for constipation. Kamini kalp eases menopausal problems. It contributes towards a happy married life and female health & charm.


SHAKTI PRASH : Tonic for body & intellect

A powerful therapeutic preparation for the debility of lungs, heart and brain. Very useful for students, youth and those carrying out brain jobs. It is very helpful in spermatorrhoea also.


HINGWASTAK CHOORAN: Appetizer & Digestive Powder

This reputed Scriptual powder is an unfailing remedy for the stomach troubles like Indigestion, Acidity, Constipation, Loss of appetite, Dyspepsia etc. It has both appetizing and digestive qualities and cures all sorts of abdominal pains.


LAVAN BHASKAR CHOORAN :   For Abdominal Disorders

This famous Ayurvedic powder is very tasty and wholesome in Indigestion, Spleen, Sprue & Piles etc. Its daily use after meals keep abdominal disorders away. Using it with warm water at bedtime clears the bowels in the morning.

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